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Welcome among us, where prioritizing well-being is our focus. We kindly invite you to explore our range of services.

Performances and Cultural Events : Our approach involves the integration of sociocultural projects, dance and psychology, which makes our events stand out. We also organize conferences and facilitate both open or closed speaking groups.

Dance Workshops and Meetings : We offer dance workshops in various cultural institutions, which you can find listed in our agenda. We also host master classes with renowned choreographers and dance teachers from our network.

School Outreach Program : Organizing awareness days for students, parents, teachers, and educational staff in schools on various topics related to psychology, parental guidance, psychoeducation, and various art forms, particularly emphasizing the significance of dance in personal growth and bodily awareness.

Guidance for Emergent Artists : Referring to support, advice, and resources provided to individuals who are in the early stages of their artistic careers or who are just beginning to establish themselves as artists, this guidance includes mentorship, networking opportunities, professional development workshops, portfolio reviews, and assistance in navigating the art industry. The aim is to help emerging artists develop their skills, build their portfolios, gain exposure, and ultimately advance their careers in the arts.

Guidance for Psychology Students : Supporting psychology students involves a multifaceted approach to enhance their academic, professional, and personal growth. This entails providing resources and guidance for succeeding in psychology courses, including effective study strategies and personalized tutorials. Additionally, assistance is offered in exploring various specialties and career paths within the field, along with advice on internships, research opportunities, and post-graduation prospects. Furthermore, students receive support in developing essential skills such as communication and stress management, essential for their academic and future professional success.

Dance Apparel and Accessories (coming soon) : From dancers to dance lovers; tote bags, T-shirts and other accessories.

Art/Dance Therapy : (coming soon)