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Welcome to our website, where we celebrate the art of dance and wellbeing in all its forms! Whether you are a seasoned professional, a beginner, or just a dance enthusiast, our art proposal is for you.

Here are some of the things you can expect to find in our organization :

Workshops and Meetings : We offer occasional dance workshops in various cultural institutions, which you can find listed in our agenda. We also host master classes with renowned choreographers and dance teachers from our network.

Performance and Events : Our approach involves the integration of psychology and dance, which makes our events stand out. Furthermore, we organize conferences and facilitate both open or closed speaking groups.

Blog and Articles : Our platform serves as a valuable source for dance education and inspiration. We frequently publish blog articles that cover a range of dance-related subjects that link to psychology, such as artists’ well-being, coping with performance anxiety, motor planning, attention, and memory… In addition, we offer insights on dance theory, history, technique, and choreography, along with interviews of dance professionals, and reviews of dance performances and events taking place in Morocco.

Community and Outreach : At the core of our values is the belief that dance and psychology studies should be inclusive and accessible to all. Therefore, we are dedicated to expanding our outreach efforts to reach underserved communities and offer dance and mental health education and resources to individuals who might otherwise be unable to access them. To achieve this goal, we actively collaborate with various associations, schools, high schools, and universities.

Dance Apparel and Accessories (coming soon) : From dancers to dance lovers; tote bags, T-shirts and other accessories.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope to meet you someday!