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TAHSSIS is an educational project aimed at individuals, whether initiated to dance or not. Its purpose is to foster discussions, sharing, and experimentation centered around psychology and movement.

Who is Aïda and what is Tahssis ?

Dance initiates a nuanced and lively conversation between the body and the mind, employing unseen but influential methods that have the potential to alter our very essence.

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Interactive meetings

These meetings serve as a platform for online discussions aimed at addressing various topics relevant to dancers in Morocco. Led by Aïda Jamal in Darija, the sessions are interactive in […]


Eyes Versions – Interactive performance

You can participate if you’re aged 10 and older. The concept is simple; The performance is interactive..

Aida jamal


This solo is part of an artistic research that explores the concept of honesty, whether it is towards oneself or towards the audience. As an artist, I go through different […]

Aida jamal

Je, Tu(e), Nous

“Je, Tu(e), Nous” is co-creation piece conceived by Aïda Jamal, which took shape within the context of the monthly presentations at the international contemporary dance school “Tejido Conectivo” in Madrid. […]


Tahssis workshops

Discover our interactive sessions where individuals come together to learn contemporary dance techniques, engage in practice sessions, and collaborate on specific topics. These sessions also provide a platform for discussing […]

Other companies


Injonction is a performance by Irtijal Company. The project involved the maker Nezha Rhondali, accompanied by Kaoutar Chaqchaq as a writer and text performer. Aïda Jamal and Romane Piffaut as performers. 

Aida jamal


TAMAT is a choreography creation made and played by Aïda Jamal. It represents the social, religious and cultural bidets that women have to bear in our society.

Other companies


A resident of Slilou village, was left bewildered and heartbroken when her beloved disappeared without any reason and later found out that he had tied the knot with someone else. […]

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