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What is Tahssis?

Commitment, authenticity, solidarity, and creativity.

Tahssis is an autonomous educational initiative centered on promoting mental health through art/dance. It emerged as part of the Fusion project, in collaboration with esteemed EU National Institutes for culture, namely Goethe Institut Rabat, Institut français Rabat, and Wallonia Bruxelles.

This program is designed for individuals interested in movement and dance, including both aspiring professional dancers and enthusiasts. Its primary focus lies in promoting awareness and introducing experimental dance to a diverse audience.

Additionally, the program seeks to sensitize teachers and parents to their crucial role as educators and the values they instill. By doing so, we aim to proactively address and prevent issues such as sexual abuse, abuse of power, gender bias, racism, and body shaming, ensuring a safer and more inclusive environment for the next generation. Furthermore, the program is well-suited for students ranging from a young age to teenagers, allowing a wide range of participants to benefit from its offerings.

This project is considered as a reflection starting point to help the participants to develop analytical thinking skills, being able to ask new questions about the body and its relationship with the environment, by using critical response process as a method. We do not focus only on the principles of movement, but rather questioning our behaviour while sharing this dancing moment with our selves and others.

With the objectives of flag up the artistic elements for creation, our group made up of transitory psychologists, neuroscientists, dance pedagogues, art and sport mentors is committed to provide a support to attend the same hope; connect, increase sensitivity, give meaning and maybe healing.

Our understanding of the body and motion is based on fundamental dance reference points.

Interactive performance Marina Abramović,

Useful feedback Liz Lerman’s,

Passion Martha Graham,

Coincidence Merce Cunningham,

Body and brain Lucy Vincent.

Caught falling Steve Paxton… And many others to introduce scientific rigor into our approach towards dance training methodologies and movement pedagogy.

Our goal is to provide a safe space for opening up both physical and cognitive exchanges in order to build individual thoughts, a rich, varied and stimulating art proposals.