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A resident of Slilou village, was left bewildered and heartbroken when her beloved disappeared without any reason and later found out that he had tied the knot with someone else. Over time, she grappled with a plethora of emotions but managed to gather her strength and convey her conflicting feelings of affection and fury through poetry during her ex-partner’s wedding ceremony…

In the Ahidous heritage, poetry served as a steadfast companion for both genders, offering comfort during moments of joy and sorrow. Fadma, assuming the role of a spokesperson, skillfully merged the beats of Ahidous dances with her spoken words, creating a captivating union of oral and performative art that poignantly conveyed the human experience.

The project comprised various contributors such as Kan3awd collective for filming, Mohamed Mehyaoui for editing, Tasuta N-Imal for music, and Aïda Jamal and Polini for performance.