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Je, Tu(e), Nous

“Je, Tu(e), Nous” is a three-minute co-creation piece conceived by Aïda Jamal, which took shape within the context of the monthly presentations at the international contemporary dance school “Tejido Conectivo” in Madrid. This unique creation served as an exercise for the members to collaboratively explore ideas. The central concept revolves around imagining a scenario where only four individuals remain on a new planet after irreversibly devastating Earth due to pollution. In this unfamiliar environment, they must navigate the challenges of discovering everything anew – from the way they walk and communicate to their movements and understanding of the world around them. The piece prompts reflection on humanity’s impact on the planet and the potential for regeneration and adaptation in the face of drastic changes.

The team behind the creation of this piece consists of Choreographer Aïda Jamal, assisted by Aee Wen. The performers bringing this vision to life are : Aïda Jamal, Nada Elissa, Sabrina Slipchenko, and Georgia Milla.

Photo by Claudio Plazzo

School : Tejido Conectivo, Professional education program of contemporary dance, Madrid