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TAMAT is a choreography created and performed by Aïda Jamal. It portrays the social, religious, and cultural burdens that women have to bear in our society. The project is still in progress, with some steps already completed. The first residency took place in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, while the second was held in Berlin at ‘Hebbel am Ufer’.

TAMAT was selected for the second edition of ‘Un/Controlled Gestures’ and was produced with support from the Goethe Institut Ägypten. It was also chosen for the contemporary dance festival ‘On Marche’ as part of ‘TAKLIF’, the first edition of a prize contest, where it won second place and received two residencies in France and support from the Minister of Culture of Morocco.

“Dans ce moment où les femmes t’inspirent à parler,
Tu découvres qu’en réalité, seul ton reflet se reflète. Pourtant, à travers le monde, la même énigme se répète, Alors que tu tentes d’exprimer les mêmes idées de mille manières. Dans cette quête infinie, où chaque essai semble perdurer…”
Aïda Jamal

Title of the piece: TAMAT

Choreographer and performer: Aïda Jamal

Dramaturge: Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi

External Eye: Héla Fattoumi & Eric Lamoureux

Duration of the piece: 22 minutes

Music Mixing: Adrien Prenant and Valentin Maugain

Stage Manager: Adrien Prenant

Lighting Design: Manon Bongeot

Partners and Sponsors: Goethe Institut, Hebbel am Uffer, Festival On Marche

Photo by Mohamed Mehyaoui